Emily Ratajkowski Says What is the Issue With Boobs?

26 year Old Model & Actress Says She is Turned Down Often For Being Too Sexy!

Emily Ratajkowski is well known for her Modeling as well as her role in Gone Girl. Ratajkowski is definitely known for her sex appeal, but more importantly the star is very intelligent. Not only is she highly educated, she is also worldly, keeping up with politics and international affairs. Considering all of this you would assume this stud has no problem catching her dream role. She tells us otherwise in her interview with Marie Claire. Ratajkowski says “What’s wrong with boobs? They’re a beautiful feminine thing that needs to be celebrated.” The model/actress admits she has to work extremely hard to acquire the roles she is most interested in. If you’ve wondered why she isn’t in a lot of big studio films, its because she prefers to work with new interesting directors who wont have her parading around in a bikini. “Women are unfairly blasted for acting sexy while men are celebrated for the same.” Ratajkowski attacks the double standards in the entertainment industry, saying most importantly women can be sexy and smart.



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