The Millennial Wine Club, Millennials Are Changing the Way Wine is Sold

The Huffington Post calls it "The First Wine Club to get it Right."

The Wine Industry has been In full force to supply the high demand especially from Millennials. Restaurants and liquor stores are increasing the normal supply, but variety is not the easiest thing to come by. If your wandering aimlessly down the Wine & Spirits aisle right now this industry game changer is for you. Tasting Room has developed a way for you to turn your home into a fine wine tasting experience. After a 30 second survey to create your free wine profile, and a $10 membership fee (*discount link below) you’ll be a wine connoisseur in no time. You can even learn how to pair your favorite wines properly with the meals you enjoy. Rather than spending $20 on a bottle that may last one night (maybe that’s just me), spend as low as $13 a bottle for a shipment of low cost fine wines your guaranteed to enjoy. Even better, they deliver to your door so you can save time, energy, and your taste buds. The Huffington Post calls it “The first wine club to get it right.” Follow the link below for a discount on your $10 membership. Cheers!

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