This Shit is Actually Happening.. The Emoji Movie & a Line Up of Summer 2017 Movie Blockbusters

The Emoji Movie is actually happening !

Yes this shit is actually happening the “The Emoji Movie” is
set to release July 28, 2017 to the already intense summer
block buster line up with Transformers the Last Knight from
Hasbro, Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay looking to
bring in another billion dollars for the Transformers Franchise;
Marvel Comics Universe will release Spiderman Homecoming
which will have features from Tony Stark aka Iron Man and the
Avengers and the more than anticipated new spiderman suit which
comes geared with a spider mini drone. Another block buster will
be none other than Despicable Me 3 from Universal Pictures will
release June 30, 2017 as Gru finds his long lost rich brother as
they team up with the minions.

Oh yes we  can’t forget this week’s May 25, 2017 of Bay Watch !
The week after is definitely going to be some shit with
Dream Works Animation bringing the ever so anticipated
Captain Underpants releasing on June 2, 2017.

I’m not even about to bullshit with no line get those tickets at Fandago !

Peep out this exclusive trailer for “The Emoji Movie”

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